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Tiger Brand Jack-Post

Structural support for residential and commercial applications.

Akron Products Company

Structural support for residential and commercial applications.

Tapco Tube

Technically advanced custom tube fabrication.


Turns a 2x4 into an adjustable stud.

Tapco has become the market leader thanks to our technical sophistication in design, engineering and process automation. Our high-performance products are safer on site, better for the environment and tougher over the long haul.

We are also the leader in code compliance, exclusively offering ICC, IBC, IRC and CCMC compliance on structural building columns in North America.

Collectively, the companies under the Tapco corporate umbrella represent a long heritage of products and systems unparalleled in quality, durability, and ultimately, value.

Tapco is the leading producer of temporary and permanent structural steel support products. The only truly vertically integrated supplier of products such as: floor jacks, code compliant permanent building columns and temporary bracing.

Tapco has a solid reputation for quality, consistency, service and supply.

We also manufacture custom, low carbon steel tubing for OEM applications. Please visit on one of our companies below to get complete product information.

Contact Us Tapco Companies

Our dedicated service team members are available and ready to offer expert help and prompt, friendly service.

Please use one of the following contacts in order to get in touch with our service team.


Phone: 330.576.1750

Fax: 330.576.1755